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Our mission

To conserve native species, educate the community about invasive species, and inspire stewardship of the land.

Our vision

A Montana dedicated to healthy and resilient ecosystems throughout the Gallatin Watershed.


Our Story

Grow Wild began in 2004, when two local fishermen witnessed spotted knapweed taking over Gallatin Canyon and decided to take action. Ever since, we have been a proactive force in combating the ecological threat of invasive species throughout the Gallatin Watershed.


Our mission has always been more than managing invasive species. We conserve native plants and improve vital habitats. We educate the community about invasive species and how to manage them. And we inspire our neighbors to be stewards of the land.

After 20 years of protecting Montana’s wildlands, we have rebranded our organization to embrace the growth that has inspired us since the very beginning: Growing native plants. Growing a community of responsible land stewards. And growing our positive impact on the critical habitats that surround us.


We have also shifted how we think about the challenges facing our community. We now will be focusing on the healthy aspects of our ecosystems, rather than emphasizing only the threats. Our new logo features an aspen leaf and an elk, two keystone species of Montana: if our keystone species are thriving, so is our ecosystem. We aim to keep it that way.

It’s all connected. From bluebunch wheatgrass to bighorn sheep, from the quiet trail to the crowded lake. Together, we can conserve the landscapes we all love.

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