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Education Trailer

We built an education trailer!

For over ten years, our nonprofit borrowed the Southwest Area Education Trailer to use at our annual Ophir School Invasive Species Field Trip. The long drive to return the trailer had us thinking . . . what if we had our own? We quickly began planning, fundraising, and building!

The interactive education trailer includes information, graphics, materials on:

     1. Terrestrial & aquatic invasive species

     2. Clean recreation practices (Clean.Drain.Dry. and PlayCleanGo)

     3. Crail Garden / Wildscapes (promoting the use of native plants in our landscapes)

We’ll continue to improve the trailer in 2024, adding more educational and interactive materials. Look for us at community events, farmers markets, and other venues for years to come!

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Dear Director Mohler,


Please forward this email to the governing board of GROW WILD and any appropriate funding partners.



Dear GROW WILD Board,


On Wednesday, June 21st, I had the privilege of touring the GROW WILD display at the Big Sky Farmers Market. It was absolutely phenomenal. My visit also included conversations with both Director Mohler and Sean. As a guest to your community, an educator, and one who is familiar with eradicating noxious weeds in my own community, I feel qualified to give the highest of accolades!


INVITING and INTERACTIVE: Both Director Mohler and Sean greeted my husband and I at the booth on Wednesday. They were truly passionate about the information and genuinely interested to hear about how they could support or educate us.


OBVIOUS: The display and materials made GROW WILD's mission and purpose very obvious. Conserve-Educate-Inspire around native vs invasive species and conserving the watershed ecosystems.


EDUCATIONAL: Through conversation and incredible displays, the visit to the Farmers Market Booth was very educational. As a visitor, I learned about native plants and was given a special invitation to visit the Crail Garden. There were other resources specifically for Big Sky Residents to aid in educating them to support GROW WILD's mission.


IMPRESSIVE: Let me just say, "Wow!" The trailer display was so carefully crafted and designed to make fabulous use of the space and every inch was professional, engaging, and educational. The content met the needs of a diverse audience. I can see toddlers enjoying the bright colors and textures and adult and seniors enjoying the opportunity to read and learn. The free stickers would capture a teen's eye and the items used to raise funds were enticing!


GROW WILD was the highlight of my Farmers Market experience at Big Sky. AMAZING and PASSIONATE staff with great resources to carry out your mission.


My favorite second experience, while in your community, was visiting Crail Gardens today. The gardens are beautiful, the bees were happy, and I loved seeing so many plants labeled! KUDOS!


My only advice: if these ladies ask for something to help them further your mission, listen careful and find the funding to provide. 🙂 You have two gems!!


Sincerely, Karen D.   Stevenson, WA


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