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Support land stewardship.

Help our free land stewardship program continue. Give today.


Thank you!

OUR GOAL $5,000

Our land stewardship program is in danger.

Many of you have benefited from our free site visits, which provide landowners with tools and resources to manage invasive plants species. But with Resort Tax's new funding requirements, this free service is in danger of going away.

Noxious weeds harm our ecosystem. They also cost landowners time and money. Knowledge of stewardship and land management is the key to resilient ecosystems.

Help us continue this free and critical service. Pay it forward and donate today.


“Support for your efforts is the best investment that we have made in a long time.”

– S&R K.


In 2015, Big Sky Resort's parking lot was overrun with invasive plants. Today it is a haven for native plants and wildflowers.

Our Impact






Acres Inspected

Support land stewardship. Give today.

Grow Wild began in 2004, when two local fishermen witnessed spotted knapweed taking over Gallatin Canyon and decided to take action. Ever since, we have been a proactive force in combating the ecological threat of invasive species throughout the Gallatin Watershed.


Our mission has always been more than managing invasive species. We conserve native plants and improve vital habitats. We educate the community about invasive species and how to manage them. And we inspire our neighbors to be stewards of the land.

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