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Type: Perennial

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Water Needs:  Low, medium

Height: 6" - 2'

Spread: 8" - 3'

Spacing:  6-18"

Bloom Time: May - July

Bloom Description:  Blue - purple
Maintenance:  Cut back after flowering. 

Soil Drainage:  Well drained.

Suggested Use:  Great for attracting pollinators. Low-growing evergreen leaves are great groundcover around rocks and between other plants.

Attracts:  Bumble bees, bees, flies, wasps, hummingbirds.

Tips:  Drought tolerant once established. Plants grown from seed may not bloom the first season (need a cold frost). 


Penstemon wilcoxii, Wilcox's Penstemon - JUNE

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