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Paintbrush are difficult to grow, thus we have paired them with a host plant (Littleleaf Penstemon) as Indian paintbrush is a hemiparasitic (partially parasitic) plant.


Type: Perennial

Sun: Full sun

Water Needs: Low, Average

Height: 1'-2'



Bloom Time:  July-September

Bloom Description: Red to orange

Soil Drainage: Well-drained

Suggested Use: Does well in gravely soils. 

Attracts: Hummingbirds. Larval host of Fulvia Checkerspot butterfly

Comments: The roots of this plant will grow until they touch the roots of other plants, frequently grasses, penetrating these "host" roots to obtain a portion of their nutrients. Transplanting paintbrush may kill it.


Castilleja integra, Indian Paintbrush + Penstemon procerus, Littleleaf Penstemon

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