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Help create
a pollinator pathway.

Give today.


Thank you!

OUR GOAL $5,000

Pollinator gardens create habitat & restore biodiversity. 

Together with Arts Council of Big Sky Arts Council of Big Sky, Big Sky Community Organization, and Gallatin Conservation District we're building our first pollinator garden under the moose sculptures at Ousel Falls!

What is a Pollinator Pathway? A corridors of native plants, providing nutrition and habitat for pollinating insects and birds at multiple public art installations in Big Sky.

This pathway will serve to educate the community about pollinators and native plants with the goal of inspiring landowners to create habitat of their own.

Help us build this unique and engaging project that creates habitat, restores biodiversity, and inspires our community to grow wild!

“Support for your efforts is the best investment that we have made in a long time.”

– S&R K.

Help us build a pollinator pathway. Give today.

Grow Wild began in 2004, when two local fishermen witnessed spotted knapweed taking over Gallatin Canyon and decided to take action. Ever since, we have been a proactive force in combating the ecological threat of invasive species throughout the Gallatin Watershed.


Our mission has always been more than managing invasive species. We conserve native plants and improve vital habitats. We educate the community about invasive species and how to manage them. And we inspire our neighbors to be stewards of the land.

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